#599 Our Story

OPPORTNITY:  This year we have 40 university students so the costs is $10,000 per month or $250 per student. If you, your church or Sunday school class would like to help at least partially for a student that would be wonderful.

We received the first two sets of commercial washer/dryers.

Uniiversity students enjoying pizza

11/16/2003. Visitors from the Agency of Social Welfare came. This was not an inspection. They had heard about us and wanted to see Casa for themselves. Pastor Teddy from Friendship Baptist in Grand Bay,Alabama called and told me he wants to help build a home for Arnulfo’s mother. So Casa will buy a small piece of property in San Juan.

11/17-19. Dottie and I left early this morning where we will begin a 3 day visit to churches and pastors where we will dedicate the new churches. From here we went to Tecpan where we visited 6 churches so it was a very long day. From there we went to Chichawak we drove 30 miles to a church where we helped to pour the concrete floor. Ten miles from there we visited a church in Xepac as it is about 80% completed. The pastor took me to see an elderly man who is dying and wanted to talk with me. Praise God he received Christ in his heart.

He called his family into the room and his wife, so, daughter-in-law & grandchildren all received Jesus. It was such a wonderful day! Incredibly he then told me he wanted to donate a large piece of property so that we could build another church. It was 70% of his entire property.