#598 our story

The Texas team left today.

Mike F. began working with us on the new web site.

The Pa. team had bingo and pizza for the transition & university students.

Quique’s birthday

The government of Guatemala that thousands of people from other central American countries have stormed the

Guatemala/Mexican border and the army has been called in.

11/15b/2003. Not only did Manolo graduate today but his sister, Vernica, is graduating in two days. Along with their brother these three siblings were the 12th,13th, and 14thchild to come to Casa. One of my most vivid memories was when Ricardo, age 6, was chasing Veronica and she slammed a gate on his hand severing a finger. We put it on ice and drove helter skelter to the hospital in Guatemala City. I could not understand why they made us wait over an hour before examining him. The nurse called the surgeon and told him it was “only” a child in a children’s home.

He did not come right away and when he saw Ricardo he just screamed at the nurse. He said this child is in such good health we can reattach the finger. The nurse just felt that kids like ours were not important. His finger is fully operational.

A few years ago we found a mother with three children living in a huge concrete culvert. Today the middle child graduated from high school and as I walked her to the front the older brother grabbed me and yelled, “You saved our lives”. Of course it was Jesus who saved their lives. 

Manolo had an older brother who simply abandoned his mother. It was about this time in 2003 when Manolo led that older brother to Jesus. Dottie and I had the most wonderful few days from the 14thto the 16th.