#597 our story

Mike F. arrived to help us understand the new web site.

The Texas team had pizza for the older girls. They also played “Musical Chairs” & it did not matter who won—they all received a prize.  

This is our son, Orlando Minor, who is on staff as our computer expert

he Pennsylvania team continued with the sewing of uniforms.

The teams decorated cookies with the little boys and made notecards with the Esperanza girls.

12/15/2003. Fourteen villages are having new elections. In fact two of the newly elected mayors were assassinated. Tonight was Manolo’s graduation. I was so very emotional as he was our first teenage boy brought to us by the courts in 1989. It took him a long time to graduate. Dottie gave Manolo’s mother her chair in the parent’s section and I had her place the graduation ring on his finger.

1200 people were in attendance and certainly she was the poorest. But she was also the proudest. In 15 years she would become blond and Manolo bought a little hose and takes care of her. This is the same mother who got so mad at me 3 years ago that she hit me with her fist knocking me to the ground.

The reason it took him so long to graduate is that he really had a bad attitude and one day he was very rude to Dottie. He got angry when I corrected him and said, “I am going to leave”. He was 17 so I let him go. Two years later there was a knock on my door and when I opened the door he was on his knees and said, “I cannot find a decent job without an education. Please forgive me!