#596 Our story

17th: The Pennsylvania team went shopping in Antigua.

The Texas team fed pizza to the boys in Vencedores and Buen Pastor.

We ordered the first two sets of commercial washers and dryers.

We will be going on our new web site hopefully in a day or two so they asked I send this update early today. I will give you the necessary web link tomorrow.

11/14/2003.  Arnulfo came to ask me if I could help his mother. So Dottie & I went to her hut and it was probably the worst case of poverty that I would ever see. She has a 7 year old who is smaller than a 4 year old. His mother has cataracts and only 2 toes. She goes through trash cans looking for things she can clean and sell door-to –door for about 20 cents. There was no furniture in the hut, only bedding on the dirt floor. The 7 year old is also blind.

In the years to come Arnulfo’s brother would move out, get a job, get married and have a child. One night a gang came and mistook his home for someone else’s. They set the house on fire killing the brother, his wife and child. It was one of the most difficult funerals I ever performed. 17 years later their cousin would be killed in a car accident and I performed the funeral.

When we got to the cemetery they had dug up the brother’s coffin and opened it and placed the girl on top of him. It was a moment that I will never forget.

The first lady called to tell us there would be no more containers until late January.