#595 our story

I received the greatest news today although I will not share with you what it is. Just be happy for me!

The Pennsylvania team is composed of seamstresses so they are making skirts & repairing old skirts, etc. This is a huge job so we are so blessed to have them here.

I gave my testimony to the 2 teams that are here. They wanted the entire story so I spoke for over 3 hours.

I have been sharing our story on my daily blog and we are at 595 and I have only shared into the year 2003 so this might take a while. This goes to show you that to write the story of our lives would be a multi-volume endeavor. 

11/10/2003.  The presidential  election results were anywhere from 24-30% for Colon and 37-47% for Berger. That gives you an idea of the instability of governmental elections. General Rios Mont who will eventually be tried for war crimes was easily defeated. Thirteen villages had extreme violence not because of the presidential election but rather because of the mayor elections in those villages. Our village, San Bartolome’ had some gun waving & fist fights but nothing serious. One reason given for the anger was that the loser said it was not fair that our kids could vote. But he lost by over 400 votes so that had no effect. Michelle had her second grand mal seizure today.

11/11. Dottie and I each drove a van at 4am taking the American visitors to the airport. We actually had breakfast before taking Fernanda to the dentist for her 7am appointment.  Carlos went to court and confronted the judge who was rude to me because I would not accept a child brought to Casa in handcuffs. Juan has our older boys making basketball goals in the welding shop.

11/12. The container from Mississippi finally arrived. 

11/13. Dottie and I took the flatbed and the teenage boys to our Christmas storage building in the city and loaded the truck with boxes of Christmas gifts as we begin to get everything moved to Casa. The boys worked so hard so we took them out for a nice lunch. I was scheduled to dedicate 3 churches we built but I had forgotten it was Manolo’s graduation so I will dedicate them next week.