#594 our story

Rosario, who was raised at Casa and a great kid who worked in the dialysis house, married Wilbur who also was raised here came by to show me she is graduating as a psychologist and wants me to escort her. I am so proud of her.

Duke & Ron finished the bars on the third floor of the school worked on our plumbing problems in 3 dorms.

Two teams arrived. One is from Texas and the other from Pa.

The health department came & inoculated the staff & children with the flu vaccine. 

11/8/2003. The judge in Chimaltenango sent a family of 6 back to their parents. They screamed, cried and held onto me but that did not change the judge’s mind. It is obvious the children were frightened of going with their parents. Sheryl was so hurt by the decision since 4 of the children were under her care in the baby dorm. Her comment to me was, “They will never see the inside of a school and will soon be barefoot and living in the street”. 

The teenagers helped us as we opened the plastic boxes sent to us by a church in the states. Each box had sidewalk chalk that we removed because the children write on everything with it. Each box had a jogging outfit and that is a wonderful gift for the children. There were sleeping bags for the older kids so they all are going to have a blessed Christmas. 

11/9. Today was the first presidential election where we had children here old enough to vote. It also was the election for mayor which is more important for us. The man elected would serve 16 years and also work for us as the high school math and science teacher. He would run every year until 2020 where he again joined our staff. Seventeen of our children were eligible to vote. A group from Germany stopped by for a visit and to make arrangements to spend a couple of days here. David & Allison are in the USA and with Danny and Angie leaving Tuesday for 6 weeks we will be short of staff,