#593 our story

My LSU Tigers are National Champions but Jesus doesn’t care.

The Maryland team went on another outreach.

Oscar went to get the prices on two commercial washers and dryers so we can purchase them & install them.

Today is inauguration day so we have a new president & mayor. 

11/5/ 2003. Our electric bill for October was $8414. This is the most ever but in the months to come it will reach $12,000. However by 2020 it would be about $5000 to $6000 a month. 

11/6. Fernanda asked if she could have braces instead of Christmas gifts so we went today to the dentist. Of course, we will still give her gifts. Normally the cost is $2000 but this dentist is a Christian and after I shared with him about our ministry he charged me $250. Today as I write this on January 9, 2020 he has provided braces for over 30 children. 

The upcoming election is causing so much unrest that we are just not taking the children anywhere. David left today with Pastor Elizar to visit pastors. Karen H. has written the most beautiful song book and dedicated it to our children. 

11/7. David and Elizar got caught in the violence where the people were throwing rocks at the army and the police and they in turn shot tear gas into the crowd. David was safe. Eventually enough police arrived to stop the riot. Carlos & his staff are interviewing teachers for next year. In 28 years of having a school here at Casa I cannot remember even 0ne year where we did not fire a teacher. 

The drainage construction was finished last night so the Alabama team left today. They did not only work on the drainage but the hung sheet rock and painted 4 dorm rooms. They also helped wrapping gifts.