#592 our story

We had our first school assembly of 2020. Each teacher was introduced. Jim showed “Pilgrim’s Progress” in his class.

Two of the children raised here, Abraham & Angelica, are new teachers in our school.

Angelica and Abraham. Raised here and now on the school staff.

11/1/2003. We were very blessed when a large group from Indiana stooped by with Gary. They will be doing medical outreaches up in the mountains. Yerman and Billy went to a Christian retreat. A group from Montgomery, Alabama arrived tonight. I was so busy doing the end of last month’s financial report. I am not a CPA so it is a miracle that we ended the month owing no man anything. In 2020 as I am typing this it has been nearly 31 years and we have finished in the black every month. That is 372 consecutive weeks. God has been so good to us.

11/2. Esvin & Norma on a senior trip up at the pyramids and ruins of Tikal. 

11/3. We wrapped gifts then counted kids then went Christmas shopping. I also stopped at 6 high schools in the city where our high school students attend & paid the inscription fees for next semester. The school year in Guatemala begins in January and ends in November. We will be ministering in the Peten Sunday.

11/4. Wow! I did not realize how many people keep up with the news in Guatemala and this was demonstrated by the dozen people who contacted me about a report from the USA State Department that there will be demonstrations in the Peten this week end. Dottie and I wiil go 2 days earlier because I know the Lord wants us to dedicate the new church.

We enrolled Diana and Roxie in classes at America Latino in Chimaltenango and then enrolled Fernando and Norma in their college classes in Guatemala City. The worst part was that we had to attend a 3 hour PTA meeting. The electrical power grid went down for 5 hours in over 75% of the country. I played soccer with the teens and I broke a toe.