#591 our story

The sermon this morning was on why we need to read the Bible everyday. The Lord wants us to know Him & the better we know Him the stronger we will be.

Dottie along with Minor, Quique, Tony & Oscar barbecued hamburgers. Tomorrow the new school year begins so she wanted to bless them.

10/27/2003.  The girls are so excited about staying at a 5 star hotel. First we grocery shopped and then went to a Korean mall where the girls showed me clothing that they believed the girls would like for Christmas. The hotel welcomed us with open arms and even gave us a suite free so we could have a room large enough for the girls to come into and snack or visit.

10/28. Carlos left for the USA for one week. The girls were treated to a breakfast buffet and then went to the swimming pool. Of course this was the first time any of them had been in a swimming pool. At noon we ate at Domino’s Pizza and in the evening we had sandwiches in the room. Then they went back to the pool until 9pm.

Dottie and I swam with them also.

10/29. We were walking in the lobby when the wife of the President of Guatemala came by and asked who we were. She then had her photo taken with the girls. The girls had been saving money for us to drive to Escuentla for a steak dinner.

10/30. Brennan led the music and I preached. Earlier we wrapped more Christmas gifts so things are back to normal.

10/31. This morning Dottie & I had to go the high school of Esvin & Norma to take graduation pictures. Then we picked up Geidy and Patty’s report cards. Then I went to the lawyer’s office to sign the final legal papers making us a legal home for children. Jack arrived from Illinois and he celebrated his 78thbirthday with us.