#590 our story

A number of folks helped and Oscar now has an office area for his architect work. So we dedicated it today.

Jose’ came to tell me he finished the church, school & pastor’s home that we built. Thank you all who send us money to build churches.

Adela who lives in our home & helps care for Michelle won a free trip to Honduras for 3 days so she leaves today & is so excited. 

Blanca is our newest office worker. Marketing.

10/26/2003.  Jack, Gary and others from Warsaw, Indiana arrive to assemble a large playground donated and shipped here by Burger King. The women on the team began wrapping Christmas gifts. Vilfredo graduated today and he was so handsome. Today in 2020 he is a husband, father, director of the school and on the leadership team.

10/27. Fourteen of the 15 year old girls scheduled to go the hotel with Dottie and I were so excited and packed 3 hours before we were to leave. Doe to behavior one girl will not go with us. If her behavior improves she will accompany us next year. The hotel provided Dottie and I with a suite so we could have room for all the girls to visit together when not swimming or shopping. Continue to read how for 16 years this hotel has allowed us these blessings and a 50% on rooms.

Seventeen years ago we took the 15 year old girls to Panachel because it was cheap. Butrer were no swimming pools or much of anything for them to do. There was not even a television or a mall. When we drove back to the city the girls wanted to go to Guatemala City to a mall. We stopped at Tikal Furtura which was both a large mall and 5 star hotel. We walked into the hotel just to look when we were quickly surrounded by security. They asked why I was there so I told them about the girls. 

He asked why didn’t we stay there and I said because the prices were 6 to 7 more expensive. He told me to wait and soon he returned with the manager. They were so blessed by the girls they said if we wanted to bring girls in the future they would charge us half price and provide meals. Tomorrow I wiil tell you of the security guard.