#589 our story

Jim had a devotional for our staff this morning.

We still are lacking two teachers for the new school year that begins Monday.

Mike F and Dorcas along with Sebastian are still working on the finances.

Blanca who was raised here and is studying accounting on weekends began work this week as our purchaser. Mayda had the job for years. This involves purchasing all the food, hygiene materials, etc. It is one of the most difficult jobs at Casa.

The Maryland team had an outreach to a village.

The outgoing President of Guatemala denies he made a deal with the USA to take immigrants from other countries.

The college boys are helping Duke make the safety bars for the third floor of the high school. 

Kids roasting marshmellows

10/23/2003. It was time to ship the container from Gulfport to Guatemala but it was only ¾ full. So Pastors Rodney and Rhonda bought clothes while Jerry gathered up construction tools and building materials in order to have a full load. Mike B. wrote the manifest and the container was sealed tonight and will be on it’s way tomorrow. Dottie and I bought the flowers for the bouquets for the 15 year old girls as well as all of the flowers for arrangements and decorations. Each year the girls make their own bouquets.

10/24.  GRADUATION DAY! Kindergarten, 6thgrade, 9thgrade and the 15 fifteen-year old girls all received their reward. I had Pastor Carlos from Vision of Faith in Chimaltenango minister to the children. In the evening we had the graduation for the 12thgraders followed by an all night party in Carlos and Polly’ garden. It was a marvelous day and today as I write it is January 1, 2020 and throughout all of these years graduation has been so special

10/25. I took Marianne to Peronia to get her school papers. A week ago two of our teenagers were volunteering at the hospital in Chimaltenango and they witnessed to a woman who was a patient there. Today the patient came to Casa and talked with us about what made my girls different. It was the easiest time I ever had to lead her and her daughters to Jesus. And it was the result of two or our teenagers testimony. Silvio graduated tonight and so is headed to medical school. His siblings Gino and Laiza went with us. 

Sadly three years later the entire family of 5 would join their mother in the USA where she had married. The children would not attend college. They all had great potential.