#588 our story

The weather has turned cold.

Felipe is still working on the drainage pipes as they had to break 6 inches of cement to get the problem which was a tree trunk that had sprouted and the roots completely clogged up 3 feet of pipe. This affected the dialysis bathrooms as well as the bathroom in the new office space.

The Maryland team is working on various projects. I gave them my testimony at 5pm then they had a party at 7pm for Esperanza, Doncellas and the university girls.

Duke has not been feeling very well. I hate that for him.

10/19/2003. I took Norma to order her graduation ring. They asked what name did she want written on the inside of the band. She said “Norma Clark”. I was so humbled by that act of appreciation. When we came back to the house Dottie and I and had all the high school and college students just come hang out at our house.

10/20. We took Gino for an eye exam and then enrolled Olga, Augustine and Billy in their classes in Guatemala City. We were blessed today with two teams from Tenn. and Alabama. They came specifically to wrap Christmas presents. There will be 2000 wrapped gifts as we wrap cheap thing to so they can open their gifts and be surprised. Some of the men are helping Danny and Angie with their apartment.

10/21.  Carlos went to court and the judge took away baby Samuel to give to the parents. There is a holiday called Day of the Banker so our Guatemalan staff had the day off. There was a gang fight near the university and Oseas barely escaped. There were seven gang members killed and many wounded.

10/22. Today Carlos shared with the staff as to why the judge returned the baby to his parents yesterday. They both were alcoholics but had gotten saved and began a course at one of the large churches where they had many people to support them. They actually gave their testimony of salvation to the judge. A newly wed couple from Nashville is here spending part of their honeymoon with us. It was on a team visit that they met each other here. Melvin wants to taking flying lessons so he can join the airport. I enrolled him today.