#585 our story

Mike F. arrived to meet this week with our administration staff.

We had an excellent Bible service as I shared on Psalms 1

10/11/2003. We received a new teenage girl today and she was so shook up we put a pallet on the floor & she slept next to Dottie. She awoke this morning, ate breakfast and stayed by Dottie’s side all day. But by evening she had made friends with girls her age and stayed with them. I believe with all my heart that the gift the Lord has given Dottie and me is the Gift of Time to give the children.

10/12. The government announced that 43% of the nation of Guatemala has no safe drinking water while 23% have no sanitary conditions and 20%I have seen. have no access to electricity and do all their cooking on open wooden fires. 

Years ago we left Victor at a McDonald’s in the city. We did not realize it until we arrived home because we were in 4 vans & each driver thought he was with one of  the other vans. Well, six days ago I left Claudia at a city fair. She is only 8 years old. We looked all night along with the police and today the police called to say she was found and healthy. She finally made her way to the police and was able to say “Casa Alleluia”. This was one of the greatest miracles in all of our years.