#584 our story

Dr. Lou & his family came by. He is head of nephrology who oversees our dialysis children. Casa gives them an offering monthly to help with transplants & this year 11 transplants were done.

Gladys and the house parents pleasured the shoe sizes for every child on campus. 

10/8/2003. Carlos and I went to court to get paperwork done allowing Carlos to represent me in legal matters. It took most of the day. Paula who is one of the most faithful missionaries I have known is responsible for taking photographs, sizing all of the children’s clothes and shoe sizes and sending them to sponsors.  

10/9. Today was the last final exam in our school so the children are filled with joy. However they have not received their report cards so the joy may be short lived. I was driving in the city and passed 3 McDonald’s and the lines were down the street with dozens of policemen directing traffic. I asked what was going on and learned that once a year every McDonalds in Guatemala sells Big Macs and the proceeds all go to a home for the mentally retarded. At the end of the day a check was written for over $200,000.

We had a Korean medical team from California and they examined all of the children and even performed acupuncture on Dottie. One of our friends who has a home for children was accused today of selling children. Of course, it was false but they had to hire a lawyer and work with the US Embassy to get it cleared up

10/10. The US Embassy sent out an alert that Americans are not to drive with Guatemalan children nor talk to children in the park or markets. Dottie and I took some of our children to a park nearby because everyone knows us in this area. The staffed cleaned the school classrooms & moved the Christmas gifts so we can begin separating the gifts.