#583 our story

MOVING DAY! The children made the annual moving to their new dorms.

The hardest part throughout the years is when a child leaves. Susie is studying to be a dialysis technician & must do 300 hours of internship. She has to enter the hospital at 5am & leave at 6pm. So she is having to move to be closer to the work. I am sad but also very proud that still another child is graduating from college.

10/6/2003.  There were huge demonstrations in the city so a number of our employees could not get here. Juan tried to simply walk around the barricades but the police refused to let him pass. The largest problem was that many of our children left at 5am to go to school in the city so they were stuck on the bus for hours until the police finally broke up the demonstrations. 

The demonstrations occurred because the government was forcing a huge settlement(shanty town) to move. Most of these people are dirt poor and work for $2 a day. They have no place to move to. 

10/7. We have had paperwork stolen from one of out trucks so we went with all of the paperwork on every vehicle and had them copied and authenticized so we can keep the originals placed in a safe. We had a family in South Louisiana make magnetized signs with our name and logo. It may not stop thieves but it will at least let them know they are stealing from children.

As we have grown and have so many visitors who fall in love with certain children I had to contact people to alert them to our children asking them for money or gifts. Remember many of the children come from families who beg for a living. In fact as time would pass and eventually enter the cell phone age we have had even more problems with children contacting folks in the states.