#582 our story

1st: The kids fired off fireworks at midnight then ate tamales and punch.

Duke arrived & will be here about 3 weeks. We will try to figure out the water line situation. Duke began work on safety bars for the high school.

 2nd: The water lines running throughout the property were never mapped out so Duke cannot work on the plumbing but will weld protective barriers on the third floor of the high school.

All of the teachers arrived as the new school year is beginning.

piouyMy Board feels that I need to do my regular trip home in February so that I can rest. Monday I can give you the schedule we have now. We have 3 churches scheduled for South Louisiana so maybe you could check with Debbie about our availability.

10/4/2003. The children will begin finals soon so each dorm has been given a designated study time. We are having serious water problems as there is not enough pressure to fill the tanks. It is real coincidence that as I write this paragraph on December 28, 2019 we are experiencing the exact same problem. 

During the night intruders came over the wall. Luis, our guard, fired his shot gun over their heads causing them to go back over the wall faster than they had entered. We will go tomorrow and buy more security lights as our property is so large we have many dark areas at night. 

Julio, who is our mechanic and also comes once a week to teach our boys basic mechanics took a group of boys on a field trip. Talin, one of our older boys, began working with a local pastor. Manolo, another of our boys, received a ticket because the truck did not have one tail light. 

10/5. Today we had very little water so we put a 500 gallon container on the back of a truck and went to Santa Lucia & bought water. We had an evening worship service with the children and the teams that are here. Dottie cooked the largest stew you have ever seen. Of course the kids love her gumbo but they gobbled down the stew. The police busted a car theft ring and since we had a car stolen we went to where they had the 40 cars but our car was not one of them.