#581 Our story

Kevin was robbed on a bus.

Happy New Year!

10/1/2003. Malcolm drove us to Houston. His driving us from Lake Charles when we would fly out and also be there when we flew into Lake Charles would be a task of love for 20 years. We would spend the drive with him giving me a synopsis of a book he was reading. In those days you could carry two 70 pounds bags each as well as a carry on. Our four bags were 70, 70, 69 and 68 pounds. We arrived in Guatemala at 9p where Carlos met us. This was a long day. But getting home to the children is always a joy.

10/2. We awoke early and had our prayer time and Bible reading before going out to see the children and staff. I was blessed with a letter from an individual who wants to help build the transition home. It was the second largest offering we have ever received. So, since I am surrounded by such a good staff, we all began discussing the project and drawing some plans. 

10/3. Two of our most special children, Flor & Fernando were scheduled to return to their home but wisely the judge changed his mind. So we are very happy for that

decision. I had to go with my lawyer to a government office to sign papers. We are trying to cover all the bases so we can legalize everything we are doing. For example education, medical, psychology, etc. We drove to Xepetan to dedicate the land we purchased to build a school. The entire village turned out. Although it was getting dark we drove to La Garraucha Poaquil where we dedicated another new property where we will build a church.

It is due to your loving generosity that we are able to build churches, schools and pastors homes.