We had over 30 children come forward for prayer this morning.

It has been a difficult year for me but still God has moved so mightily concerning the children.

9/25/2003.  Dottie and I have always liked walking on the River Walk in New Orleans so took a couple of hours to do that. Dottie always buys crates of Cajon spices. Our kids in Guatemala love Dottie’s gumbo and jambalaya. We went to a Christian movie and then went to the motel room. I  do not like being outside in the evening in New Orleans.

9/26,2003. One of my most favorite places on earth is a Christian Book store located under the Mississippi Bridge into Algiers. They have hundreds of books written as far back as the 14thcentury. We spend hours there. The founder and pastor was named Sheldon who has since passed away. As I kept pitting the books on the counter the salesman said, “Why are you buying os many books at one time ?”.  I told him that we lived in Guatemala and tried to get 50 or 60 books each year.

I explained that since I never went to seminary the collection of Christian books was my seminary. I asked him about Dr. Sheldon and he told me that has had passed away. He then old me to wait a moment and soon he rolled in an elderly lady who was Dr. Sheldon’s wife. She asked me about the books and I explained. Then she told the salesman to give them to me at ½ price as well as give me copies of books that were slow sellers. I was able to ship 200 books to Guatemala. She would do this every year until her death and then after Katrina destroyed the ministry some o her workers moved the ministry to Walker where they still give me the same deal.