#578 our story

Dottie & I are having to decide if we can go home in February. We only have two churches to share with & it cost so much to travel. Pray that we do the right thing.

I am getting calls and texts from all over the USA concerning the LSU/Oklahoma game. Shocker!

Aroldo is nearly buried in gifts for the dialysis children

9/21/2003. Dottie and I spoke at Seven Mile Post Church of Christ in Athens, Al. We  said goodbye to Estella as she left to drive to Jackson, Tn. It is rainy so we are praying for her to have a safe trip.  In Guatemala Carlos visited with Pastor where we built a church, a pator’s home and a Sunday School building. Our desire is to build and operate an elementary school in this village. Maybe you would still like to help us continue building churches in 2020.

22nd: We spoke at Elkmont Baptism in the morning and then drove to Birmingham. Back in Guatemala a young man arrived from England and wants to help for 3 months. 

23rd: We bought more clothes are Rugged Warehouse. This company has been so generous to us over the years. Some jeans cost us only $1. We bought the jeans in Mobile so we are driving many miles.  We cannot cram any more boxes in our van. 

24: Since we have no room in the car we drove to Gulfport and unloaded everything at Mike B.’s house. Immediately we bought larger items and brought them to Mike also. In the evening we spoke at First Baptist Church of Gulfport. Back in Guatemala we received a terribly abused little girl. Gieda, one of our girls, was hit by a car returning from college. She was taken to the hospital, treated and released.