#577 our story

Yaya who was adopted 16 years ago from Casa came with her adoptive parents, the Osburns. What wonderful memories we had to share. She attends Cal Baptist University.

We are still without water as they had to take our water pump for repairs.

Today children moved from one dorm to another.

Keep praying for permanent 3 sets of house parents.

YaYa and her parents te Osburns

9/18/2003. We drove to Huntsville, Alabama where shopped and filled van with clothes from the Rugged Warehouse. They have helped us in the past and today they recognized us and gave us huge discounts. 

In Guatemala there was still another meeting with the judge as we have two children who said they were sexually abused. The couple who made the accusations were physicians who wanted to adopt the children. After hours of deliberations it became ovious the kids and the physicians were lying. So the judge refused the adoption and sent the children back to Casa. Carlos returned with the children back to Casa where the Human Rights inspectors were here. Our board chairman, Wes, arrived.

9/19. We drove to Athens, Al. where we met up with Estella our daughter who attends Union University in Jackson, Tn. 

9/20. Today was the Trail of Tears and an estimated 150,000 motorcycles passed our motel. Dottie took Estella out of town a back way where they drove to Huntsville to but Estella some school clothes. I watched the LSU/Georgia game. LSU would go on to win the national championship. Bill and David came to meet us in the evening and laughed for hours. As long as I have known them they have been like Laurel and Hardy.

Back in Guatemala Carlos and David went over the new handbook with the teens specifically concerning courting and dating. Iris who was so terribly abused went to the staff and asked that they pray for her as she continues to have nightmares. So they spoke to her about the only peace is found in Jesus. Three days later she received Christ into her life.