#576 our story

Gladys did a great job with Christmas. Today was such a tranquil day. Kids just played.

Preparing to open the gifts

9/15/2003. We drove to Chattanooga, Tn. where we visited another book store. Back in Guatemala it was a national holiday so the children had a full day of play. A few years ago bees invaded the area and now they are back. This will be a recurring  problem even into the 2020s. Specifically they are in the Esperanza and Doncilla’s

dorms. So our men have been spraying and trying to remove the hives. Wayne J. arrived and will stay 6 weeks working on maintenance issues. 

9/16. We drove to Murfreesboro, Tn. where we stayed with Dottie’s brother, Luther, and his wife Annette. This will be only once in about 10 times that we would see them over the years. We miss our families in the states so much. That is by far the most difficult part of missionary life. They took us on an “outing” to the Grand Old Opera in Nashville as well as the largest Baptist Book Store in the USA. Back in Guatemala another apartment was finished for Denis and Marisol to live.

9/17. Another day of sight seeing. Back in Guatemala Carlos sent the finished handbooks in Spanish and English to be printed. We implemented a reward system in the case of behavior problems. Children on level 5 will be able to go to the village on their own. Older children can go to the movies in the city. Level 1 children will not be able to cross over to the other side.