#575 our story

The kids ate at midnight & shot off fireworks & then ate again their Guatemala meal & then went to bed between 2 & 3am.

We have no water in our house. Rough for Dottie to cook Christmas dinner.

We gave the gifts to the younger children this morning.  God bless you!

Eating a second dinner at 2am

9/12/2003. Wes, JW and I met for breakfast to make plans for the older teens. I would love to have two half-way houses with one for boys and the other for girls. It would take 10 years but eventually we would have 2 transition homes. We and I left that meeting and then drove to meet Don W. of World Children’s Center. They have a fabulous fund raising ministry and although he said he would help us it never did come to fruitation. Back in Guatemala our school celebrated Guatemala’s Independence Day. Each grade had a skit, song, Mayan dance or some other presentation. Our 9thgraders competed in the state gymnastics tournament and won first place.

9/13. Dottie and I drove to Guntersville, Alabama where it is a beautiful area with a river, mountains and a scenery over-whelming. We met with Chris and his family. In Guatemala there was a parade and our best students carried the Torch of Independence. Twelve of the best high school students toured the Mayan Ruins and then went swimming and cooking out.

9/14. We spoke at Victory Baptist in the morning and then at Springs Presbyterian in the evening. Over the years well have Southern Baptist, American Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalians, Charismatics, Church of God, Church of Christ, Catholic, Mennonites, Independents, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Dutch Reformed, Anglican, Nazarene, Disciples of Christ, Assembly of God, Interdenominational, African Methodist Episcopal, Independent Baptist and many others. God has blessed us with people from many churches who love our children and are mission minded.