#574 Our story

Our state senator came and brought a gift for every child age 17 and younger. He brought pizza and money for fireworks.

A bus blew up in flames yesterday in front of our house. Everyone got off with only minor injuries & the fire department reacted quickly in putting out the fire.

Marlin & Caesar’s grandfather died.

We were without power for the 2nd time inn 3 days. Accicents hitting electric poles.

Hitting the pinata

9/9/2003. Eddy reported from Guatemala that the parent who abused the child showed up at Casa. He called the courts and they handled it.  He had to take Alex & Magnolia to court as the mother is attempting to get them back. She had a lawyer. Alex is the child born with doughnut shaped legs. He had major surgery and now that he is healthy the mother wants to put him to work. The judge denied her request. Dottie and I went to two Christian bookstores in Birmingham.

9/10. Dottie and I went to the Civil Rights Museum and it was fascinating especially for us because we both love history. The courts sent little Oscar back to his home where he was abused. That was why we had him in the first place.

9/11. Wes & Sue Ann met us and we followed them to Atlanta where we met with a family interested in helping Casa. In Guatemala Carlos and Eddy took the 3 new children for an audience with not only the judge but with the Procuduria(top judge). There is a new law that states children cannot be place in a home for children simply because of poverty. That will affect so many children and assure that many children will not have an opportunity of an education. The judge also said a child will be placed in a home for only 30 days and then a court hearing will be held to determine their future. Carlos and Eddy were very upset and it became a heated situation because we have so many children who are malnourished, poor and uneducated.