#573 our story

Angela, one of our workers who as raised here was in motorcycle accident. Her injures are not life threatening.

Susie begins her internship as a dialysis tech & we believe that she will leave soon thereafter.

Children taking Hly Communion

9/4/2003. After all that driving yesterday we slept in until 6:30am and after visiting with Dottie’s mom we began visiting other of her friends from high school. Carlos and Eddy were called by the courts to bring two boys to the judge and after sitting a couple of hours they told them that since the parents did not show up for the boys the boys would be placed permanently with us. 

9/5. We drove to Jackson, Ms. To take care of some business. Back home our high school students to come for a kermess where Casa hosts a number of schools to come for games, songs and many activities. The teenagers had a fund raiser and paid the $250 for food for all of the schools. Building relationships with the community schools is a necessary Christian obligation.

9/6. We are still driving daily and today we drove from Jackson to Birmingham to shop for Christmas. There are many churches in middle Alabama that help us. So we can shop for Christmas and have many pickups to drive the gifts to Gulfport. 

9/7. We ministered at Cornerstone Church in Helena, Al. Back in Guatemala a group of school teachers brought a girl who came to class at their school and she had been abused. Carlos called the police and then Eddy took the girl to court so that she would be placed at Casa. She was!

9/8. We had nothing scheduled so we stayed in Birmingham where we just read and rested.