#572 our story

The morning was visiting day and in the evening we had the Lord’s Supper.

I receivd a number of texts & phone calls from childen who are no longer here just to wish me a Merry Chrstmas.

A number of children were saved during the Lord’s Supper.

9/1/2003. Dottie & I are leaving tomorrow and over the years there are children who feel as though we are abandoning them. Some come to us and ask us to promise them that we are going to return. Carlos met with David & Mandy to see what their role at Casa can be.

9/2. Nothing is easy as I had trouble with the police at the airport. As you know you can only take $10,000 on a flight. Well I had only $2000 but $500 was in one dollar bills so they pulled me aside telling me that I must be printing one dollar bills. It was ridiculous accusation as they were old bills and no consecutive numbers. They let me go so we made the flight & as soon as we arrived in Houston we immediately drove to Kilgore, Texas where we were exhausted. In the mean time David and Carlos contacted me about an older boy trying to force himself on a younger boy. I told them to take him to court and have them deal with him. So the boy was removed.9/3. Dottie and I drove to Shreveport where there was a wonderful as well as huge Christian bookstore. That is my joy. I love book stores. We drove on to Monroe where we met Dottie’s sister for lunch. The last hop today was driving to Crossett, Arkansas where we stayed with Dottie’s mother. There are always disappointments of having so many children when you have to send them home. Jonathon is one of my most favorite teens but his behavior has been so bad that Pastor Dave sent him home. *In 2019 he is so different and comes to Casa Sundays for church and then lunch with us. It is never impossible for the Holy Spirit to change a life