#571 our story

A youg couple raised here & gone for a while dropped by and they were so kind and appreciative for what God has done for them. Those are the gifts I want for Christmas.

We were able to pay off all of the extra salaries that surpassed $45,000. Thank you who gave extra so we could finish the year in the black for the 31st year in a row.

We still cannot figure out the water problem. Ezdras & Marin will return to Vencedores; Kersy has taken Cometas and Gladys will take Doncellas until we have permanent house parents. We pray that our house parents will give at least 3 years of service. 

Teens praying before th Christmas dinner

8/28/2003. Ever since 9/11/2001 when the towers went down in New York it has affected us in Guatemala just like most of the rest of the world. The airlines, tourist agencies, etc. are all cutting back & this affects us. We have a number of students who are studying tourism and need agencies for their 30 days of practicum. So it affects Vinicio, Norma, Haley, Esvin and others. 

Today I was able to speak with the owner of the agency where Liza did hers and they are going to accept two of our children.  Carlos called me and said the courts had two children in an age group where all of our beds are filled. He said that they were so ill they would die without our help. So I told him to accept them and I would go to Chimaltenango and buy 2 beds.

8/30. Dottie and I began writing the 1100 Christmas cards so we can take them with us when we go to the states. Eventually that number would hit 2000. We write the cards ourselves because we just want for people to know how grateful we are for their help.