#570 our story

The children on dialysis went to the zoo.

But we still have major water problems. My house, the dialysis dorm & the meeting house have no water. We have dug in every direction and the tubes are dry. There is water everywhere else. Billy, Oscar, Felipe & his helper ran tubes from another dorm and monkey-rigged and we can survive this way until we find the problem. If there is anyone out there who remembers where the water came from to my house and the dialysis dor I would appreciate the help.

teenage Christmas dinner

Tonight the 13 year old children and up had their Christmas banquet and received their gifts. Gladys planned it all and a number of older children helped with the meal, the gifts and the clothes. We could not give as many gifts this year as we have in the past. But I believe the kids were appreaciative.

Dottie took her dog to the b=vets for the first time since the dog lost his mother. 

8/26/2003. This morning a 3 year old child in San Lucas died. She was HIV positive 

and when they went to get the casket the mayor said that she could not be buried in a wooden casket. It would have to be metal. He told her that he realized she did not have the money so she needed to come see me and I would help. She came and we bought the casket. I was so blessed that the mayor knew we would help her.

Engleber’s mother who also is HIV positive came to see me because she is dying & has been paying for a small piece of property. She knows that she will die before getting it paid off so asked if I would buy it for her son. Of course we did!

8/27. Estella who is at Union University called to tell me she has a scholarship this year. It requires that she work 10 hours a week in the cafeteria and also teach two sections of Spanish. I am so proud of her as she is on track to graduate. I went to get Oseas’s report card and he was ranked second in his class. Eventually he would go to college and study law and for one of his projects he changed his name to Clark. It honored Dottie and me.