#569 Our Story

The government wants us to hire more psychologists & social workers so the men are enlarging the psychology building.

We had our staff Christmas gathering. There were games, food and I shared. We have over 100 employees.

We have a huge problem. We have no water for my house and the dialysis building. We cannot determine where the water lines are. All of us will get up early and begin digging. It is bad for us but it is life threatening to dialysis.

8/23/2003.  Today was shoe day as the Buckner home from Dallas brought us hundreds of pairs of shoes. With the shoes Dottie and I had purchased the children will receive a new pair of tennis shoes and a new pair of dress shoes. This would be a blessing for another five years and then we would have to buy all shoes ourselves. The honor roll students went on a special excursion today. Dottie and I drove to three different villages where we have churches under construction. Thanks to all of you by the year 2019 over 110 churches, Sunday school buildings and pastor’s homes would be built.

8/24. The church, Lluvia de Gracias, came today to host a music concert. It rained so we had to put everyone in the blue building. So there were over 600 people in the room along wit the instruments and the meals that the church brought with them.

8/25. I was at my desk at midnight when a 5.5 earthquake hit. The epicenter was in Esquentla which is only 75 miles away and homes in Chimaltenango which is 15 miles from Casa were destroyed. We had a few cracked wall and floor tiles. Our dinner bell began ringing as it swung back and forth so some of the kids thought it was the breakfast bell. They put their clothes on and walked to the dining hall.

Four more of our graduates have been accepted in the pre-med high school Silvio attends. They are Henry, Aroldo, Ezdras and Lorena. I took them today to enroll and then get their text books, etc.