#568 our story

A tree 50 yards from our front gate fell on the power lines so we were without electricity for a portion of the day.

We have lived in Guatemala for nearly 31 years & Dottie found a snake in her flowerbeds for the first time ever.

Josue returned from his 3 weeks in the states.

The Oregon team had games and more snacks for the children.  

The third big trio in the last 4 days.

8/20/2003. Carlos & I were both off campus this morning when the Human Rights investigators came due to a complaint against one of our Guatemalan workers.  We had taken the decision that this mother could not visit so she filed a grievance against the dorm mother. This particular housemother is one of the most spiritual workers that we have. She had not made the decision. I had! 

The reason I was off campus was I had taken Dottie for a medical check-up & the physician told us Dottie needed to see a specialist which we did immediately. Tonight I gathered the teenagers and we prayed for Dottie.

8/21. There is a continuing backlash to the announcement by the European Union and the USA against the elections here in Guatemala. I have never truly understood why we Americans want to interfere in other countries. It has brought a huge backlash all year against foreigners including murder, rape, physical assault, car jackings, etc.

8/22. One of our younger children was diagnosed as having his testicles in his stomach and also has a double anus. For two years we have been on the surgery list. Today they repaired the problem with his testicles. I went to get Silvio’s report card & his medical scores were so high. Sadly he would move to the US & never finish medical school. I also went to get Vilfredo’s report card which was excellent also. He would grow up, finish college, marry Olga and is now our assistant director.