#567 Our story

Sadly another one of our boys was shot. He left Casa 2 years or so ago. He survived & they sent him home only for him to die because the bullet hit the kidney. He was no longer living here buts his two sisters are.

A large group of our children went to the water park.

A group came to share and to give each child a goodies.

The Oregon team had a village outreach and then had snacks with all the boys.

We will be back in the USA in February so if you would like us to share with your church call Debbie at 337 855 1286.

The police stooped me at random & he said. “Oh, you are old. I do not need to see your paperwork.” He motioned me on.

 8/17/2003. We did get permission from the courts to only have one Sunday a month for visitation. The 9thgraders had a fund raiser so that they can pay for their graduation exercise in a special way. 

8/18. I went to the city to purchase our airline tickets for September’s trip to the states. The monthly salaries for our teachers totals $4000 per month but the law is you pay a total of 15 months so that is $60,000 yearly and then another $50,000 for text books and disposal materials so it totals $110,000 a year. God has been so faithful to meet those needs. We were really discouraged and disappointed today as one of the most abused teenage girls was sent by a judge to her family where the abuse occurred. 

8/19. I went to Fed Ex to pick up the paperwork for the next container. This container will have mostly Christmas gifts and clothes. Sadly there will come a day where we will no longer be able to receive containers. The government in the future will charge such large tariffs that we will be unable to afford it. 

I spent the day working on the financial projection for 2004. Political violence broke out in the city today. The US Embassy sent a warning to all North Americans to stay put and not get on the highways.