#566 our story

I am asking you who can to fast with me one meal a day or one entire day a week, etc. We do not have anyone at all interested in taking the middle boy’s dorm.

I do not believe that I can  physically do it. Please pray with me! We have never been in more dire circumstance then we are right now. If you could even give us 2 months we can continue to try to fine someone permanent.

The Oregon team will be having crafts and games with the dialysis children in the morning and crafts band snacks with Doncellas in the evening.

Gladys & I went to pick up some of the last Christmas gifts. 

Singing the Little Drummer Boy

8/15/2003. Today was a holiday but only in Guatemala City. The high school and university students who study in the city did not have classes while those who study outside of the city did have classes. My board asked for a breakdown of the cost for the university and high school students and it is $108,262 this year. That does not include bus passage and other costs such as disposable materials the teachers will request. We have 18 full time university students and 45 high school students who travel to classes each day. The 45 high school students have to be at their schools by 7:30am meaning they leave here to catch a bus at 5:30am. They attend 15 different high schools and 4 different universities.

Thanks to your prayers and the hard work of Steve and Raul the container of rice and beans arrived today. 

8/16. Carlos and Polly took off yesterday for a few days of R & R. David was unable to get their car and then they missed their flight from Washington to Guatemala but caught a later flight. I know that they are disappointed and tired. We are trying to see the best method of having visiting day. Sometimes there are 300 parents or family members. That is a large number of people for our staff to supervise. We actually had a family enter where the mother took her 3 year old and threw him over the gate to the father. Miraculously the father caught the child. Immediately Steve and I drove to Tecpan where they lived and their house was totally empty. They were never found. We have no idea where they had moved to.