#565 Our story

15th: The Oregon team went on an outreach to a village lesson. I gave them my testimony.

The older girls performed a praise musical to the Lord.

I preached on Joseph the husband of Mary.

iouhjgbvWell, push has come to shove. Donavon will leave December 28 to be with his wife, Lizzi, who is ill. We have less than two weeks to find house parents for Vencedores. God needs to part the sea for us.

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8/12/2003. One of our older girls, Nancy, has been struggling with a thyroid problem and is not improving. Her thyroid gland is 4 times the normal size. They will be treating her with radiation beginning next week. The treatments are $450 each.

8/13. Debbie, Tony and Matt left for the states along with Mike H. who has been watching over David’s dorm while David and Regina were in the states. He has been a blessing and the boys really did like him. I am so appreciative for people like Mike H. who are willing to give weeks of their time to help the children. The Gateway team left this morning also. Dottie and I went to Mataesquentla in the Department of Jalapa to get birth certificates. The government requires us to travel to get the paperwork on the children that we receive. 

And with all this going on today Dottie also had a mammogram done. It was a wild day as 4 little boys ran away from Carlos’s dorm. The older boys caught two of them immediately. It rained tonight and early in the morning the other two boys turned up wet and shivering and had only been hiding all night under our bus.

8/14. The Riverside, California group left this morning. They were here a month and today in 2020 we have never had another group stay at Casa that amount of time. Carlos finished the new handbook for the children. So we are translating it into English.