#564 our story

Heidy S. presented a music concert with every dorm in costume & singing songs. She worked so hard but it was impressive.

The US Immigration Service sent the non-Guatemalan family to Guatemala from Texas. Guatemala is accepting immigrants from El Salvador & Honduras who had passed through Guatemala on their trip to the USA. This will save lives. Mexico has an estimated 40,000 to 120,000 missing individuals.

It is becoming a war zone. We told Mike & Amber good-bye today.

Estrellitas girls singing a Christmas song

8/9/2003. Our church in Chimaltenango came with dinner, games and a great worship service. Dottie and I went to Kodak to approve the Christmas cards. I am not sure that you understand that by 2005 we were taking the Christmas photo as well as writing the Christmas cards. It is a time consumming responsibility. Then we went to Hector Raul’s home. He is the representative for the First Lady’s work with the containers and the poor. He says that he has a plan to help us.

8/10. I wish that all of you could be here to see us take the Christmas picture. Trying to get 500 children in rows by height and then keeping everyone still long enough for the photographer is something to behold. The older children are only a small problem but the 7 year olds and under turn every which way. They look backwards, turn around, raise their shirt, etc. Pastor Ed from Gateway in Virginia ministered to the teenagers and it was powerful. The Junior High students had a car wash to raise money for their graduation. David was given an automobile in West Virginia so they will be driving that long distance back to Guatemala.

8/11. The teacher fired for kissing a student sued us and incredibly he won. We had to pay him $750. Thanks to Hector it appears the government is accepting the paper work for the container of beans and rice. The police discovered the bodies of two teenage girls ages 15 & 16 who were victims of a satanic cult. Their bodies were found less than a mile from Casa. He government announced that since January 1st249 young girls have been killed.