#563 our story

You cannot imagine how happy I am for Cindy 2. Suffering for 18 years with kidney disease thinking that that she had no family only to discover that she has a mother who wants her & her remaining time to live she will be with her mom. How great is that?

As a stopgap measure Kersey will help out in Cometas. Pray for 3 sets of house parents.

Two bus loads of children went to picnic at Florencia in Santa Lucia. They were the family winners throughout the year.

Dottie & I visited with Mike & Amber as they leave Sunday. The staff thanked them and payed with them. We will miss them so much.

Mike, Amber, Dottie, Mike

8/7/2003. Bob F. in Milan, Tn. has been working frantically with the Guatemalan embassy as he has a container of rice and beans weighing 30,000 pounds that he is trying to get sent to us. Augustine, the teenager who was set on fire by his father, was on a bus today where he witnessed an armed man tear the earrings off of a lady. He came home very shaken. Brennen is working with a team patching the leaks in the baby dorm. There are so many earthquakes in this part of the world that eventually all of the upstairs bathrooms would be closed due to the movement by the earthquakes causing cracks in the floor and walls.

8/8. The First Lady’s office called to tell us there was still a delay with the shipment of the 30,000 pounds of rice and beans. They are asking for more paperwork. What makes this so ridiculous is that when we send containers we also share with the First Lady. For instance, 10,000 pounds of the 30,000 pounds of rice and beans will go to her office. If we need 250 school desks we get 350 and give 100 to her. For her it is a great photo op as she travels to a village and has pictures taken of her donating to the poor. Carlos fired a male teacher for kissing one of our teenagers on the mouth. He would sue us and would win the lawsuit. 

I was sound asleep when Alex came to awaken me and inform me that Jorge’ had was driving home from college with a van load of our students when a drunk hit them. We towed the van home. No one was hurt but the van was destroyed. Brennen helped me. Priscilla, Angelina, Sara and Jorge’ were fine.