#562 our story

CNA came and went through dorms as well as interviewing both children & staff. They do this twice a year. Their report for the most part was very positive. So Sebastian & Billy feel good about it.   

We do have problems with to of our bathrooms and the smell. If you are a master plumber and would like to help us figure out the problem & how to fix it that would be great.  

Jim & Kate are scheduled to return today.

Josue with our nephew, Matt, and Amy up in Fayetteville, Ar.

8/4/2003.  Carlos had to fire one of the school teachers for having a bad attitude & not having lesson plans. Incredibly this teacher is also a pastor. Carlos also had to fire one of the new bi-lingual secretaries as her translation skills were not up to par. One of the large electrical fuses blew out today again putting us in a position where the water well quit working. Steve went to the city and found the fuse so we are ok. 

8/5. Jim & Karyn left today and they will be terribly missed. The music program that they offered the children was so effective. I could see the self-image of some of those studying music with Jim & Karyn just blossoming. Rios Mont is wanting to run for president. He was a general who was responsible for genocide of thousands of Mayans. He formed a coup and became president in the 80s. He has become a Christian and actually attends the same church Dottie and I attended with the kids. Eventually he would stand trial and be under house arrest until his death. He once visited with me because I did not have a house large enough and he wanted t sell me his. 8/6. David and Ali took their 30 little girls to a movie and dinner. Dottie and I went to the airport to pick up Debbie, my office manager, and we were surprised that our son, Tony, and her son, Matt, were also with her.