#561 our story

I had a dentist appointment today & he replaced 2 teeth knocked out in 1960.

We may be needing house parents for Vencedores, boys 10 -14.

CNA, a government agency, came today to look at our paperwork for all the kids. They are coming again tomorrow. 

8/1/2003   My blood pressure has been running very high until just this week. I know that the stress of the last 14 years has been overwhelming. But I have been able to handle the stress as we have grown a strong staff and many of the children who came here in 1990 are now 16 and older and are such helpers.

8/2. We began taking Carlitos, deaf and mute, to a psychiatrist as his behavior has consistently worsened. He just hates go to school and he is very aggressive. His mother is also handicapped as is his sister. We learned today that the Guatemalan IRS wants 12% of all items shipped to Guatemala. It is incredible that both Christian and non-Christian groups are offering so much help & the Guatemalan government is so unappreciative and just downright selfish.

8/3. We had a wonderful church service with the visitors & then there was family visitation in the afternoon followed by an evening worship time with all the children. I ministered on trusting God.  Major protests broke out today all over the country against the government. I was contacted by an American couple who have a home for 37 children. They are burned out and asked if we could take their ministry. Of course we will try to see if the government will allow it.