# 560 our story

Walmart from Guatemala City came in a massive bus with many clowns, piñatas, food and very nice toys for all the children 17 years old and younger.

Alex brought some Aroldo  and Lori who had beans, rice, etc. for us. They were working with Alex ministering to the villages,

We had one of those rarest of miracles. Cindy II in dialysis is over 18 & we were told that she had no family but the police found her mother & she will take her. The adult dialysis organization will help with her dialysis. We are all so happy for her. She has never known anyone in her family. Merry Christmas!

Alex and I. He is an awesome Christian and misionary to his own country.

7/26/2003. Steve and Mitch worked all day yesterday and today to fix the water problem. I fact they started at 3am yesterday and would work until 9 pm. But due to their expertise we have water. The teenagers threw a surprise birthday party for me that brought me to tears. They even had a band and a preacher from the area come and play and then preach. We use every excuse to minister the Word to the children. The pastor preached on “Three Fathers” and 12 teenagers got saved. What a wonderful birthday gift that was. I cannot believe I am 60 years old.

7/27. Steve drove to Huehue where he is assisting the Buckner Home to build an orphanage. The Buckner Home is located in Dallas and in the years of our association with them they will provide thousands of shoes and tons of school supplies. The Haywords provided a concert given by the 2 dozen children that they have been teaching music to here at Casa.

7/28. Carlos and I went to a Christian book store to purchase books for Sunday school and also books on sex education.