#529 our story

We are now into the busiest time of the year. Josue’ enrolled all the university before he left for the states.

Today Sober begins music practice with every dorm & will present a concert on Saturday.

This group is coming; the Sims leave & Walmart will host an activity tomorrow.

I need you to be praying for house parents for little boys and teen girls.


7/23/2003. We drove back to Baton Rouge to tell our son as well as my mother and sister good-bye. The most difficult problem with being a missionary is leaving our families. 

7/24. We went back to Lake Charles where we saw our other son, 3 of our daughters as well as our grandchildren. We miss not seeing our families. With my family in south Louisiana and Dottie’s family in Arkansas and Tennessee we rarely get to visit everyone on each of our trips to the states. That means a year passes between visits. In fact Dottie’s sister and their mother have moved to Cleveland, Texas so now it is even more difficult. They called me from Guatemala to tell me the electricity went out so our well was not pumping water. Also they shared that there are massive protests in Guatemala City against Supreme Court and a journalist who was killed by a mob.

7/25. We went to Beaumont where Earl & Pat met us and took us to The Woodlands, Texas. They showed us their new home and we dined with them. Then they drove us to the airport where we took the 9pm flight to Guatemala. You can imagine how tired we were but the trip had been successful.