#528 Our story

Brother Roy preached to the children this morning and, as always, just laid the Word of God in such a way that both the teenagers and the younger children could understand.

The university girls returned from their 3 day excursion with Georgie.

McKenna and Gladys are both in foot casts from falling.

Hugo was raised here & I have not seen him in 8 years but he came to church & lunch. He has a job; goes to church & is saving to buy land on which to build a home. He has made good decisions since he left. 

7/20/2003. Spoke with Pastors Rodney & Rhonda. Her father passed away. Their church has given us years of unbelievable Vacation Bible Schools and hundreds of children & teens have given their lives to Christ. Rhonda graciously has agreed to receive all donated clothes sent for Casa. They live in Escatawpa, Ms. She will sort and bag the clothes and get them to Mike B. to be loaded on the container. Dottie & I are blessed by the people all over the nation who are loving our children and trying to make their lives better.

7/21. It is so hot down here on the Gulf Coast so thanks to Walmart we can begin shopping at 5am before the heat of the day. The reason it is difficult is that we buy hundreds of items such as underwear & shoes so we have boxes we buy from Office Depot and we fill those boxes with the items we bought & then put them in the suburban, drive them to Mike B and then return and buy more items. With over 400 children at Casa you can imagine how many trips it takes. In the afternoon we met with Dr. Buck F. who had just returned Sunday from Casa where he had a medical clinic there and then they saw over 1000 people from around our area.

7/22. We are so tired from all of the shopping so we went down to the Gulf & walked 4 or 5 miles enjoying the scenery and the sounds of the gulf. Coming up with ideas as to what to buy for so many children of all ages has become more and more difficult. In the afternoon we were asked to do a live radio show at WAOY radio in Gulfport. They just wanted me to tell story after story about the children.