6th: One of the boys who was raised here and left a few years ago was found murdered in El Tejar. His body was burned beyond recognition. Pray for his siblings.

Marlin took the winners of the Family Dinner competition that was a year long project on a one day excursion.

Georgie took the university girls on a 2 nights/3 days trip to a resort in Retalhuleu as their Christmas gift.

I made 98 Bible lessons for KAJN radio in Crowley, La.

 7th: This is the first time I can ever remember all of the Vencedores boys, ages 9-13, where everyone was at the level 5 which is as high as you can get. So they all got to pass to the girl’s side to play.

The Hunts left and are looking forward to returning to be house parents in the baby dorm.

The Bunkie, La. family of Dr. Hines

7/16/2003.  Our paid staff has risen to 40 people & this is the month that the law requires double salaries. This will rise to triple salaries at the end of the year. So we grow to the point where we will have nearly 100 paid staff you can see how faithful and good God has been to us. Today is December 4, 2019 and throughout all of these years God has been faithful to meet our needs.

There is a group here with Charlie E, and they installed a new huge electrical panel & will certainly carry the load to the back property. 

7/17. Dottie and I flew to Houston where Kenny picked us up. We then went to Baton Rouge to visit my mother & my sister. Immediately we began shopping for Christmas so that we can get things to the port to ship to Guatemala.

7/18. Our son, Tony, is a student at LSU so we visited with him today. Many of you remember the troubles our teens have walking to San Bartolome to school & then back home in the evenings. The gangs have gotten so bad we decided we will begin immediately to build our own junior high school on our own property. This month two of the gang members died. One drowned and the other was shot by rival gangs.

7/19. Dottie and I arrived in Gulf Port and immediately drove to see Mike B. where we unloaded the gifts we purchased. He has been so kind to take the items we buy and load them on a shipping container. So many people send things to him such as Christmas gifts, building supplies, tools, clothing and dozens of other items.