#524 our story

The Tuckers arrived.

The older girls are gathering clothes and food for an outreach to the village as they want to give back to God what He has given to them.

Gladys & I went Christmas shopping for 145 teenagers.

We received 2 new girls last night.

7/7/2003. We had two babies taken to San Juan hospital in the city. Diana and Karla took them. Esvin took Manuel for an EEG and Eddy took a girl to the Procuduria to give a statement about her being raped. I want to tell you her story. The police raided a child pornography ring where dozens of children were being used by local men but also many men from other countries who would fly into Guatemala. Normally they would keep the child for 2 to 3 years and then sell them to another sex trafficking ring. 

When I took this girl to court she faced the man using her in the face and told the three judges her story. The tribunal sentence the man to life in prison. The head judge called her name and asked her if she was alright. The girl answered “yes” but then a large tear came down her face. The female judge leaned over and touch the girl’s knee and said, “No ______are you really ok”. Read her answer.

“No judge I am not all right. When I was 4 my mother sold me to a man and he changed my name. Then when I was 6 I was sold to another man who also changed my name. Then at 9 years of age and finally the last time when I was 10. So I am not alright. I can not remember what my name was. I do not know who I am”. All three judges cried!