#523 our story

Donavon returned from the states and Lissi & the children will come later this month.

I am asking again for you to pray for dorm parents. We need one for little boys & one for the high school girls.  

We have two psychology students from San Carlos University doing their practicum here.

The catheter didn’t work so both Estefany & Griselda will be on hemodialysis.

7/4/2003. Brandon left yesterday and John’s parents arrived today. Allison is pregnant so she and Mitch are so excited. Her mother just arrived to visit and help care for the baby. Dottie and I attended Renee’s sewing class to observe her ministry of teaching sewing to the older girls.

7/5. There were intruders last night breaking into our clinic. Again Wicho caught them and fired his shotgun twice over their heads so I doubt that we will have any more trouble with those particular thieves. They did break a number of windows but did not enter. We began assembling the furniture and wall dividers in the office. Charlie & Bill arrived bringing with them a large group of painters, sheet rockers, plumbers and an electrician. They began to work in the baby dorm immediately.

We were shocked when the two 10-wheelers arrived during the night. The First Lady told me next Monday. But we did not have to pay any fees. It has a CAT SCAN machine on it so we will get a forklift tomorrow to unload it.

7/6. I had to go to the city and drive the forklift to the house so I did not get home until 2pm which was a 6 hour trip. It took us a long time to get the machine out of the container and the rain came in torrents. So it took nearly 2 hours before we could get it onto a smaller truck. We donated the CAT SCAN to the main hospital in Guatemala City and the look on their faces made all the labor worth while. While we were in the city two buses were racing from the city to Tecpan hitting one another and both buses overturned. Two died at the scene with dozens being taken to hospitals. Pastor Dave was behind the accident which was 15 minutes from Casa but it took David 2 hours to finally get home.