#521 our story

The New York team of medical personal are doing an eye clinic, dermatology & general medical checkups on the children today.

Christy had a baby boy so we are grandparents again.

I worked on the finances as we have started paying the extra month’s salaries to all employees. The total is $38,468.

Josue’ leaves for the USA December 1stand we still do not have the needed house parents so we are trying to shuffle folks around & keep praying for new dorm parents. Our one lead told us today that they cannot come. We are so disappointed!

I gave my testimony to the NY team.

Our newest grandson

6/28/2003. Carlos and I drove to the city for breakfast and then to pick up the furniture Dottie and I purchased yesterday. Brennen and Brandon are working non-stop on the new offices. Two days ago, Previn who has been working with us left for his home in Holland. But his passport was rejected. He had been robbed of his passport but had received a temporary one which was declined. So he will have to go through a ton of paper work in order to return to his home. He has been helping Andrew with the little boys for the last six months.

6/29. We had a guest speaker today and thee were a number of decisions made for Christ. The VBS teams had laid a firm foundation just like the Bible says. “Some plant and some water but it is God who gives the increase”. Today is Sunday and after all of the activities the last few days it was nice to just relax.

6/30. What a lousy way to end the month. Today was a national holiday but the teachers asked if they could take last Friday off instead. So when it was school time this morning 14 teachers had not shown up. Carlos was angry but I believe he was more disappointed at the poor character of the teachers. He will fire them. Just like the USA contracts are not always honored. We had a group of 12 ladies from Hamburg, Arkansas who sewed curtains for all of the dorms.