#519 our story

Part of the Louisiana team worked in the flowers with Dottie while the rest of the team had crafts with the younger girls in the morning and then crafts with Esperanza as well a dinner for the dialysis children and then a time of sharing with the university girls.

I had problems with my teeth so tomorrow morning I will be spending Thanksgiving with the dentist.

Dottie & I at our 4th college graduation this year.

6/21/2003. Wes, our board chairman, left for home today. The Mississippi team began the VBS today. We had a visit from Don Whitney who is the founder of World Children’s Center. Dottie & I are planning on going to the USA next month to buy Christmas gifts and load a container. The instability of the Guatemalan government makes me think containers will not be shipped beginning in October.

6/22. In the last four days we have received 4 girls who were sexually abused by their father or grandfather. In the last 7 months we have had two vans stolen. That is a $40,000 loss. The Mississippi and Alabama teams took over the Sunday service for me and the children were thrilled.

6/23. Our baby dorm workers who live in San Bartolome arrived at 4:But the women were very shaken by the incident. Teddy T, a number one Alabama fan, dropped by with a team from Michigan and will be helping us with plumbing jobs this week. David held a pastor’s conference with Eliazar in a village near the Mexican border.

6/24. The groups are working so well together. The VBS has produced a spiritual move and many teens have been saved. I went to the bank and then went & bought out tickets for July. Carlos returned today from the states so Danny and Angie will take a few days off. They had taken care of Vencedores while Carlos & Polly were on vacation.