#518 our story

Ezdras & Marlin took their teenage girls in Doncillas to a water park and will be there from 10aam to 10pm so they will be worn out.

Please be praying for two sets of house parents we need.

Dottie & I will be in the states the month of February so if you would like us to share with your church please contact Debbie Hyatt.

The Texas team I having bubble play & snacks with the baby dorm.

The Doncella’s girls on an excursion

6/20/2003.  Last night John was robbed at gunpoint on his way to the airport. He had his 3 year old son with him. The robbers jumped into the van and put the gun to the little boy’s head. They made John drive for over an hour and then put him out on the road. Both John and little Walter were terrified and it took still over an hour for him to find help to get someone to call me. When I got there 3 hours after the car jacking they were still shaking. John was so afraid they would either kill or kidnap Walter.

So today John and I spent the morning in the police station & then we went to the Ministereo Publico where all vehicle and gun thefts are reported in case they are used in the committing of a crime. The thieves had stolen his passport, driver’s license and credit cards. Another group of Americans arrived from Rodney’s church. The team that John had gone to pickup at the airport did not arrive as they were stranded in El Salvador.