#517 our story

The Texas team had a time of snacks and crafts for Esperanza and then they followed that with games and snacks with vencedores.

The Bunkie, Louisiana team arrived. This is where I was born.

Dottie & I had banking duries to perform.

I gave my testimony tonight. 

6/19/2003.  I went to the city to handle some business and returned to Casa to a stack of legal papers I needed to handle. The Riverside group left. They did every- thing we asked of them. They ate with our children and did not throw any food away which has always been a problem with USA teenagers who are spoiled. Tonight our VBS group from Escatawpa, Mississippi arrived with Pastor Rodney & Rhonda. They brought over 20 adult Sunday school teachers. Their VBS’s every year are off the charts as they bring the message and love of Jesus to our children. The courts sent an 8 month old and a 6 month old found abandoned. Also a twelve year old boy from Solola arrived and he speaks no Spanish. We are fortunate to have a few children who speak his dialect. 

Recently we received a 12 year old girl whose parents were dead. She lived with her grandfather who sexually abused her. Today I told her we were going to go to her village & get her birth certificate and school papers so we can enroll her in school. She went ballistic with fear and began screaming and crying, “He said he would kill me if I ever went back to the village.” I told her that we were  not going to see him as we were only going to the court house and the school. Of course we did that and she did not see him. 

A pastor from a village near Chichicastenango  came to tell me that the parents in his village believed that girls should marry before they were thirteen years old and did I have any advice on how to discourage this activity. I wasn’t much help.