#516 our story

Physically I had a difficult day and would appreciate your prayers.

Today was visiting day so we had Bible services in the evening.

There are 19 visitors here.

Dedicating a baby

6/17/2003. Today is Father’s Day in Guatemala so I attended a party at the school for the deaf where little Carlos attends. He just seems to swell up with pride when Dottie & I attend any event at his school. While we were in the school armed men held the guards at gunpoint and they broke my windows and stole food & medicine 

that we had just purchased. The worst part of it was that they stole Dottie’s purse with her driver’s license, ID and of course pictures and all the things women carry in their purses. Over the years we would be robbed 5 times at gun point and another six times by thieves breaking into Casa itself.

6/18. We began the long and difficult process of reporting the theft to the police and Dottie having to get her new license and ID cards. This will take nearly 4 weeks& you need a lawyer to do all the paperwork. John & Mitch changed all of the locks at Casa because the thieves also took both her and my set of keys. So we had to have all new keys made for all of the staff. We had just been robbed on Dottie’s birthday back in April. Today was the birthday party for all of the children hosted by Mission Fiesta. Da, Gary, Janet and Hazel would do this for the children for a dozen years. They were able to get so much support that they would eventually do 6 children’s homes yearly. It was truly a ministry of love!