#515 our story

Our 9 year old Doberman is carrying 10 puppies & should be giving bith in a few days.

Debbie & Cindy left yesterday as did the Md, Pa & W.Va.

The Wisconsin team left this morning.

We have three teams totaling 19 folks arriving today & tomorrow..

The Wisconsin team

6/14/2003. I thought we were operating on a skeleton crew but now Steve, Sheryl, Carlos, Polly, Renee, Paula, Angie & Wendy are all gone for at least two weeks. We received a 6 year old child who told Andrew today, “I cannot believe we eat three times a day. We bought Wicho a shot gun and he received his gun permit today so we will now have armed guards.

6/15. The Lord blessed us with a 7 year old girl, Kimberly. Also a teenage girl arrived and I am having trouble saying her name which is Belarmida. Dr. Herman brought another group from Perimeter Church in Atlanta to visit us. Mission Fiesta came today to prepare for the birthday party for all of the children at Casa. Everyone will receive a Burger King meal, ice cream and states and a gift. This will be an annual event for many years. A woman with 3 children came and begged me to take them. She showed me terrible bruises on her as well as the children from the father.

6/16. The courts sent us Karla, 2 years old, and her sister Felisa, age 4. They were physically abused. A group of young adults from Riverside, Ca. arrived for only a three day trip but they were such good workers. They painted the outside of the office complex as well as installed windows. They were a large group so some helped Dottie in the Christmas bodega. A group from The Buckner’s Home in Dallas dropped by as they want to provide shoes fr the children.  Steve’s brother rented a house in Santa Lucia and will be helping us. Little Maria Esperanza had hepatitus and needs to be isolated. Today I purchased 200 soccer balls for Christmas.