#514 our story

I wrote a number of updates.

Dottie went to the market in Antigua to buy materials to make curtains.

We met with the architect concerning the combining the 16 pieces of property into two registrations only. It would have been one title but our property is in two states.  

We received three new children today.

Two of our long time friends are ill. Ronnie & SueAnn, not related, both need a touch from God.

Analy and Dottie

6/10/2003.  We finished painting and then went to purchase the window panes for the dorm. We had to buy 120 of them as well as wall sockets, etc. I ordered the sliding glass windows for the new office complex. I began teaching all of the teenagers about unveiling their hearts to God.

6/11. Edy and I had to go to court to file a complaint against an official who treated Edy badly. Facing a Tribunal is never fun but we survived & ruled in our favor. Jim & Karin arrived from Marietta, Ga. They are here to teach music to the teenagers so the teens are very excited. Steve’s brother, David, arrived from San Diego.

6/12. Five weeks ago Arnulfo and Natali decided to return to their family. Today they both returned and told us of the same abuse they had suffered before they came the first time. Wendy & Renee both left for vacations so that leaves a large hole for us. The police woke us up at 4am to tell us 4 teenagers were on the back property and told them they lived here at Casa. They were not our children so they were arrested. Later at 8am the police brought us 4 children ages 6, 7, 8 and 9. Two of our children had surgery today to correct cross eyes.

6/13. Angie received word today that her sister had died. She was only 43 and was diagnosed with cancer only 3 months ago. Angie will leave for Mississippi tomorrow morning. The courts called about a girl who is 17 years old and been adopted to the USA but chose to return. Today you cannot do that. The Exxon Valdez oil spill off the coast of Alaska had nothing on us as we allowed some kids to help us paint with oil based paint and they are a mess.