#513 our story

EMERGENCY! CRISIS! The Sims will be leaving in 2 weeks and we do not have dorm parents for those 15 little boys ages 7 to 10. Please pray but also fast a meal each day for us.

At the moment there is no one interested in coming for that dorm. Tonight we had our 4thcollege graduation this year as Analy received her Master’s Degree in Social Management in Protecting Children. 

Analy with Dottie and me

6/8/2003. David W and his family arrived. He will help Danny with the interior work in the dorm. We have a number of college interns so we are having them work in the baby dorm. A large group from Missionary Ventures arrived and another group from Atlanta & Tennessee came by with Dr. Herman to visit. Our very first child, Josue, asked if I would do something special with just him so I took him bowling and to lunch.

6/9. I had so much to do in the city that I dropped by one of the schools where our older children attend and picked up Yolanda to help me. Dottie loves to paint so she painted the office complex(inside). Tonight I was teaching the teenage girls about marriage and thus I made the comment that you want to present yourself a virgin when you get married. As soon as that came out of my mouth I knew that there would be confusion since so many girls have been sexually. I tried to go on quickly when one girl lifted her hand, crying, and said, “Papi, what if you are not a virgin can God love you and will a man ever want to marry you?” I was stunned and as I was trying to formulate an answer one of our 14 year olds raised her hand and in a very loud voice said, “Don’t you ever say that you are not a virgin because you did not give anything away.”

I felt speechless as all of the girls were crying and I felt as though God was telling me to get out of the way. It appeared to me that angels descended with buckets of water and soap and just washed the girls in God’s love. Over 50 girls gave their lives to Jesus that night as I simply stood and watched God work.